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明祎影视|搜索网Two crossbow soldiers darted out of the two wings and did not advance. After avoiding the flaming crossbow wagons, the jingzhou troops behind the crossbows fired wildly.Cao cao looked at liu bei's eyes with a little cold, holding the armrest of the palm because of the force, knuckles become white.After soothing the crowd and ordering them to be put in custody, zhang rencai looked at liu and deng xian with a serious face and said in a quiet voice, "you have received a letter recently explaining this

Although the wooden shaft struck the shield, it failed to break through. However, many of the shields were wrapped in cow hide. The wooden shield inside started to break apart.Give up?Seeing that the soldier in the last wooden armor wanted to block in the middle of the gate to prevent the gate from closing, the magnificent sea had already pulled the edge of the wooden armor and sneered, "come in and give it to me!"明祎影视|The crossbow is not suitable for a projectile, but it is not completely impossible. Since you cannot shoot the shield, shoot the soldiers behind the enemy first.

明祎影视|"Although gao shun's army is excellent, the number of soldiers is not large. There are twenty thousand soldiers in the army, while the army in gao shun is only eight hundred. As if to see cao cao's dissatisfaction, xun you smiled."How?" Wei yan frowns to see pang tong, do not understand way."No definitive information." Shaking his head, the nighthawk bowed.

"Well!" Dejong a wave of his hand, dozens of vehicles for up to two zhangs, also has a wide of a post, the ballista is out, although it was ballista, but ballista ahead, has set up a barrier, in addition to the arrow holes, other places are obstructed by baffle, cannot see picture on the opposite side, several successive crossbow car out, will jingzhou army was wrapped in.Pike, along the singular arc to huang zhong chest, regardless of the strength, speed and Angle, are enough to prove that, the son of a martial arts have quite unfinished, Cao Liu around the camp, but there is no lack of masters, only look at the gun, to see the child martial arts well, perhaps than the sun ce, but also not bad.Sun yi he had been such an insult, the moment regardless of the gap between the two sides, li drink a way: "good, come!"明祎影视|




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