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美姿堂左旋肉碱|狼毒克癣"Go!" Wei waved, let a person clear the barracks before the giant deer, trap, YuanMen at the moment also slowly opened under the signal of wei."Roar ~" Ma Tie was wounded by an arrow, but the blood in his bones was inspired, roar, saber monarch a fierce fighting spirit, unexpectedly will larocca potential in a must-have shot swung open.Looking at the letter sent by Chen Qun, Cao Cao looked a little ugly. After a long time, he handed it to Guo Jia and Xun Yu for circulation. "Feng Xiao, Wen Re, what do you think of it?"

"Do you recognize Pound when you burn to be an old king?" At this point, is a member of the general slap dance knife to kill, by the place, countless qiang have fallen to the ground.A cold arrow pierced Matthew's body mercilessly."Son of a bitch!" D smell speech not from great anger way: "This expedition, clearly agreed that the armed forces by my dispatch, how dare he make his own decisions!"美姿堂左旋肉碱|"In addition, I want to send troops as soon as possible, baishui qiang those haoshuai discuss how?" Lyu3 bu4 sink a track.

美姿堂左旋肉碱|At the same time, general andy mansion, sent away the angel sent by the court, marten knocked on the table, he didn't Korea hence those winding around in the heart, very readily agreed to go to lyu3 bu4, just heard that lyu3 bu4 valiant, eldest son d although fierce, but don't know if it is the opponent of lyu3 bu4.Three people looked back at the same time, incredible looked at lyu3 bu4, splashed, fall down together.Dusk gradually came down, patter of light rain dripping down, standing in the linjing satrap house, looked up at the gloomy sky, d some tired sigh, let the rain fall on him.

"By the way, who is this man?" Zhou Cang pointed to the ground was tied up, still in a coma zhong yao, asked doubtfully.Lyu3 bu4 sat down and heard the words and laughed, "Elder Yang is happy, and this general will not go around in circles with the elders."美姿堂左旋肉碱|




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