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蝮蛇的利器柳之美瘦身咖啡"At the end of the will Li Bao, see nationalities a captain." Lieutenant toward zhong yao bow way.Korea hence eyes flashed an unwilling look, but see d has been about to break the siege, can only helplessly sigh, turned on the horse, with into GongYing with burn when the king and a handsome haoShuai toward the back door.Just about to get up, suddenly sounded a rush of footsteps outside the door, a small school rushed in, came to seibel, lang track: "general, changan from letterhead."

"Zhang Fei?" Cao Cao-wen said, remembering that in the past the tiger fastened shut down, the member of the iron tower-like foolhardy man, a post zhang eight snake spear alone to lyu3 bu4, also just a little down wind, shook his head: "don't mind him, continue to inquire about the news of liu bei, remember, if there is news, don't let the cloud long know.""No more?" Seibel dazed, took the sword sent by his men, sink a track: "you go to the city to collect straw, pounce on the wall stamp, collect the arrows from the enemy, and let the men put some grass people, think suspect."Chapter 59 A Tragic Life Needs No Interpretation蝮蛇的利器But honestly, Even lyu3 bu4 under the family withered, these things also lack of survival soil, take the school, lyu3 bu4 nature is to read this in the hands of the family to promote, no longer become the monopoly of the family, but really want to promote, the biggest resistance is not in the family, but the popularity of books.

蝮蛇的利器"Gentlemen, lyu3 bu4 is rebels and thieves, jackals heart, we are now holding the city, not for jun, but for our xinfeng county tens of thousands of people in the battle, if lyu3 bu4 broken city, the whole city, will not stay!" Zhang both hurriedly loudly way.Lyu3 bu4 sighed, male broad sea was he stayed in changan, waiting for Chen Gong dispatch, hand can use generals are sent out, otherwise won't let the foolish goods to yourself when lieutenant.

They are still the first time from lyu3 bu4 mouth to hear the words of the world, one by one eyes can not help showing excited light."Little general go!" Several QinWei face big change, hurriedly put Ma Tie on horses, just this moment of kung fu, larocca has taken the men on board.Santa as north handsome confidant, is responsible for the daily safety of the chicken deer village, and deter those other tribes, lest those small tribes think the huns main left, dare to do whatever they please.蝮蛇的利器




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