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tvb团圆|微波烘箱Lyu3 bu4 look at the giffin, with a little to explore the color, giffin smiled and stood, not taboo lyu3 bu4's eyes."Dang ~""Master, this is not the time to argue about these, if it is d, d's character, I'm afraid found that there is no master in the camp, will immediately kill." Cheng Gongying sink a track.

The mournful howl stopped abruptly with a scream, Thousands of people long just under the surround of subordinates turned on the horse, a broken and empty arrow cluster, cold through his throat, blankly looked ahead into the camp of the han army, thousands of people long open mouth, grasped to the void unwilling a few times, decadent from the horse slipped down, again silent."White water qiang is about the future relationship between our army and qiang people, if can set a precedent here in white water qiang, set an example, in the future to accept other qiang people will be much easier, it will labor division trouble." Lyu3 bu4 patted giffin on the shoulder, sink a voice said."Master, recently this period of time when Lao wang constantly gathered all the qiang people, is not to contain it." Yang Qiu hesitated, sink a track.tvb团圆|"Bring him here." Coppage, how can Guan Yu don't know, originally want to refuse, but heard the news of two sister-in-law, resist the impulse to drive people.

tvb团圆|"What?" D eyes flashed a touch of shock, a grab from the hand of pound sheepskin scroll, quickly looked down, for a long time, just took a deep breath, looked at marotta, put away the shock of color, sink a track: "Is the news reliable?""Well." Han nodded and put down his bamboo paper. He looked at Yang Qiu and said, "What's going on in Ji County?"

"At the end of the day he will lead his life."A crisp sound, but see ji cloud and the barrel of a touch, d face flashed a blur, lyu3 bu4 this ji as if mixed with force, let originally concentrated resistance d have a punch on cotton feeling, a moment of fall, let d heart flashed a daze."Bold!" Korea hence sat down, into appropriate, cheng silver eyes a cold, step forward together, draw the sword out of the sheath, fierce look at liu meng.tvb团圆|





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