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gushi陕西融和化工The order was passed on, Soldiers of the armed forces tightened the string also finally relaxed, The next morning, in lu su whole equipment station, ready to meet guan yu's new round of attack, opposite the camp is quiet, there is no sign of troops, sent scouts to check, guan yu camp is not empty camp, even smoke is rising as usual, methodical fire cooking, no offensive meaning.Guan Yu's face was calm and he didn't say a word until he returned to his camp, where he almost fell to the ground. Xing Daorong said this and hurriedly stepped forward to help him. "General," he said, "but he's not feeling well."Is not lu su heart hard, but at the moment he even if have the heart to open the city to save people, also want to worry about whether guan yu will immediately launch a surprise attack, guarding the spirit of the city soldiers has reached the limit, just relax at the moment, if guan yu take advantage of this time to attack again, the city may be breached at any time.

"The guanzhong how many military forces into shu?" This is YanYan most care about, if the guanzhong military forces are equipped with the strong bow crossbow, then the battle also need not be fought.Less than half a month of time, on the mediocre, the two counties of the new city all accept, was then sent from changan military forces to take over, two people are in trim two days later, began to move to nanyang, ready to work with pound, together to break the nanyang.Peter said tardif and zhou tai rushed to danyang, tracing the cause, tracing the cause of tardif life and He Qi meet first, station troops flank auxiliary army.gushi"Mean man, no brave bandit!" Also luckily zhang fei far away, and martial arts, zhang eight snake spear dance into a circle, will shoot to the front of the arrow cluster opened, at the same time on horseback, roared in the mouth: "men, kill me!"

gushiBut this is a good opportunity for ma, undoubtedly, the fall of lyu3 bu4 shu will, mostly from a family, only, of the six people, only two are from the humble family, lyu3 bu4 sense of belonging is strongest, but it doesn't matter, as long as the other four camps, the two want to do not agree.Although the recent intelligence didn't send, but lyu3 bu4 secretly with jiangdong alliance, ready to help jiangdong drag cao cao, pang tong is already known, that was secretly settled long before the governors alliance, of course, the premise is that lyu3 bu4 can hold luoyang, now zhuge liang into shu, nature is jiangdong opportunity."Oh ~" Lv Zheng heard the wind, directly turned around and kicked out a foot, xie cheng somehow is also a martial arts background, a martial arts don't say how good, but Deng Xian ten big fellow are hard to get close to, at the moment is kicked by lv Zheng upside down, the burly body flew out more than a zhang to fall down, the chest whole depression, see is not alive.

"This is not what you should ask, military orders, since see military orders, also don't hand over the charm?" Wang Shuangyi stared, cold hum a track.But tardif that last arrow although failed to hit guan yu, but will guan yu side of the handsome flag cable to shoot off, soldiers are fighting, suddenly found guan yu's handsome flag, instinct began to withdraw, also calculate to temporarily solve the siege of qua."Ha ha, thanks to your claim to be a famous general in Shu, the so-called famous general in Shu is no more than a brave bandit." Zhang fei see zhang ren refused to engage, not sneer at a way.gushi




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