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动漫mm禁处受辱|洗目活眼素The face of each king of the tu suddenly a black, suddenly a foot once again will tanu kick down: "these two fools, my tu each important matter dead, they thought they ran? How many people did lv bu bring?"People are too ugly, age can become fuzzy, the guy can only use an ambiguous name.War, although it is than by force, but more often, or speak on morale, if morale, like the rainbow, soldiers YongMing, burst forward, but if morale, heart will mess, like a fragmented, dou will fail, originally not so, but the wood son as the huns first, before it is confidence, so, naturally caused some commotion, pound keen to capture the moment the morale of volatility.

What general righteousness, what moral integrity, hero hero also has to bend one's back for five dozen meters, after losing the halo of old and noble family and protection bless, did not have source of life, finally, these people still bowed to lv bu.Went forth blood, diffuse flesh become some rare under sun quartermaster, sudden attack, let the huns in an instant into a dilemma between Scylla and Charybdis, qiang wang saw Wolf come reinforcements, although I do not know why these han will appear here, but excited, Wolf qiang soldiers morale to flame, also killing big many.General door tiger female, lv lingqi recognizes this white horse naturally is the good foal that sees rarely, see happy under, take a person to catch up with, want to catch up this rare BMW, although her catching fire is good also, it is lv bute chooses, not as bad as white dragon, but as a military officer, who can doubt too much a BMW?动漫mm禁处受辱|"Lord, but what has happened?" Jia xu looked puzzled at lu bu teasing the baby eagle.

动漫mm禁处受辱|"Be!" The general answered, hurriedly rushed out of the camp, and soon returned.Let there be an illusion that the han people are the leaders and the huns should be used as slaves or killed. Women here are also a kind of resource, a tool for procreation.The look could not help but look to the crowd said the most vigorous of the young man, as if the whole process witnessed the general, will be lu lingqi said the legend, of course, lu lingqi did not report the name, temporarily no one knows who suddenly ran to jingxiang to stir up trouble woman.

Just after the rest of the mood was broken, the feeling of the deficit, some people roar up and down to fight, also some people began to jump around, a few xiongnu general shouted in the confusion of formation gallop back and forth, called xiongnu warriors resistance.There was a short crack in the air, and nine hundred arrows broke through the air."The general needs to order li kan to linjing tomorrow to escort grain." Back in the handsome account, li ru looked at zhang liao and smiled.动漫mm禁处受辱|




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