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包小柏包小松|深圳国贸大厦"What about Mr. Ziyang?" Came to special workshop outside, xh some anxious inquired, today is the last day of the January deadline, but he can't wait, after the reaction is abnormal, such as thirty thousand troops here, don't attack, is playing out, waiting for someone to attack, and clearly the other party didn't mean too much positive showdown with him, also not siege, xh don't think zhang liao ran so bored with their waste a hay, there, I'm afraid I have a plot, in order to prevent the other party in the upstream reservoir, xh also has set up a team, before and after containment."I think the crossbow has a range of more than five hundred paces, and we can't get the thunderbolt anywhere near after several attacks." A military general to liu ye poured out bitter water way."Lord! When they returned to cao fu, xun yu, xun you, zhong you, Chen qun and other officials were already in cao fu.

"Ridiculous. How do you know those assassins were sent by my Lord?" Zhang liao sneered.Chapter 30 aidHis body was lifted straight from the horse's back by a great force, and he sank into the ground with a crash. He was trampled by the two iron hooves of the horse, and his limbs twitched and fell silent.包小柏包小松|

包小柏包小松|< / p > < p > the next morning, xia houyuan took liu ye to zhang liao's fortifys outside, under the command of liu ye, small groups of troops into a number of scattered assault, the camp to lure the god of war crossbow arrows, test the maximum range of the giant crossbow, leaving dozens of bodies, only quietly returned to the city."Boom ~" behind the gate of cao jun finally unable to withstand the continuous impact, began to retreat, the gate was instantly hit by the car, the small school took the lead, rushed in the process, loud trumpet sound, gathered around the gate near the hundreds of soldiers brandishing weapons followed the car rushed into the gate.Can't really think lv bu is the kind of character that you knead?

Lyu3 bu4 sitting in his seat, close the meditation, these five years, with the growing of the people's livelihood, their side growing influence on the silk road, influence and even spread to Rome there, your frost in which natural, but your frost distance changan though is not so far away, the Roman but not far-away, there is always thousands of miles.Noon time chang 'an is absolutely the most busy time, the day traders from all over the world will be at this time of choosing a affordable restaurant solve the problem of their own lunch, chang 'an cuisine is famous the world, not only can find the world most comprehensive recipes, there is even a special food from the western regions and beyond regions, all rivers run into sea, also contributed to his city rich rich diet culture, every noon, chang 'an, every main street is often crowded."Get out! Zang bully forward, in the hands of steel into a residual film, hard in a warrior's armor, only hear a loud rumbling, Zang bully only both hands are put on the sound of the shock force of pins and needles, almost can not hold a gun, the soldier was shot by him, thrown off the ground, fractured chest armor, and impact on the wall body, growled fell down from the wall, let out a whoop of violent rumbling sound.包小柏包小松|




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