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红河谷快乐|修保险箱"Yes." In former days the white horse righteousness outside weiyansai from, now perhaps only oneself one person, zhaoyun heart can not help some bitterness.The gloomy sky covered with dark clouds, with a damp wind blowing across the vast hetao grassland, lv bu's heart raised a shadow."King, go quickly!" < / p > < p > rile and bocan desperately pull liu bao's horse rein, regardless of liu bao's drink scold, with the horse began to rush, according to this, they will be caught up sooner or later, must let liu bao go first, as for the others, temporarily ignore.

"Yo ~"Is this artisan made the first camp construction for people's livelihood, for lu bu, has great significance, with the successive lead time things made, artisan camp will no longer be lyu3 bu4 a swallow gold in the hands of a beast, not only can improve people's livelihood, more can be some practical things to sell, as a cash machine, and the human is also a kind of liberation."No horse, king!" Tanu excitement tunnel.红河谷快乐|Chapter 68 little warmth

红河谷快乐|"Quick, kill the woman! Sima fang did not expect that the other side was prepared. He felt a sinking in his heart for no reason and did not care about the heaviness in his chest. He directed a group of dead warriors to attack CAI yan."Be." Liu yun underneath is a very traditional woman, woman of this age can be literate, moral codes of learning is not yet reach the fortified point of innocence is the virtue for women's, but also because of the origin, from learning is female ring, married CongFu, as she thought of to get perfect embodiment on her body, to lu bu, won't rebel."Thank wen and brother to introduce more." Fa yan nodded his thanks. Even though he was asking for help from others, his face was very rigid. Normal people were really difficult to get along with.

"Well!""What else can we do? Give me to look for Wolf qiang and first zero qiang chief, lu bu came, I slaughter each end, they or not!" The king of each slaughterhouse was angry and said, "although he was ill-tempered, his eyes were quite fierce among the leaders of the various clans. This time, lv bu came back, but his attitude was definitely not to fight and leave.Wolf qiang general instinct agreed, this kind of chaos, they need a leader, led them to resist, d in this time, with the attitude of salvation is subconsciously as a hope, many generals began yelling hello their military forces to assembly, along with d, constantly calling their command at the same time, in our brothers in arms, just for a moment of time, d behind the army had more than three thousand people, have a plenty of warrior Wolf qiang, there is a Wolf qiang qiang people robbed the horse up and fight together.红河谷快乐|




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