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云浮一中校花|catalog.wci"Is there no compromise?" Zhaoyun frown way.Unlike the capital of the han dynasty, to consider a lot of things, traffic, surrounding environment and even feng shui, at least the han dynasty capital, even the capital of governors, will not choose to build in the mountains, but on the prairie people are different, for them, security is the most important, the king's place, must be the safest.Kilvoo goyang a draw machete, Hacked down several panic-stricken soldiers one after another, Suddenly feel a chill from behind, all over the hair vertical, it is a perennial battle honed out of the intuition, almost without thinking to the ground, followed by a ray of cold light in the moonlight flashed away, followed by a soldier behind Kifu Goyang without warning as if hit by heavy objects to fly.

Not to beg fu goyang too much frightened angry time, after the array of riots quickly spread to the whole army, these after a day of "fighting", already tired, and had to march overnight beg fu fighters in lyu3 bu4 raid, finally not easy to stop riding array has not had time to regroup, in lyu3 bu4 raid again fell into chaos."Zhou Cang." Lyu3 bu4 looked at Zhou Cang one eye."At the end of the day he will lead his life." Wei bowed down.云浮一中校花|"Chief, since we entered the prairie, in order to break into xianbei internal, just now why didn't the chief promise him?" Sentence suddenly puzzled look to lyu3 bu4.

云浮一中校花|Compared with the conference semifinals such a camp, at that time the joint venture uneven don't say, each other also have ghosts, each other stumbling block, and xianbei people side, even if there are contradictions in their own private, also won't take the overall interests to joke, they may not know how much the word survival, but they really understand the true meaning of the two words."What's going on?" A few xiongnu leaders left the tribe rushed out of the camp, frowning pulled the fleeing xiongnu soldiers.Cao Cao sighed and handed the letter to him. He shook his head and said, "Lyu3 bu4, you can't be careless at all!"

Spit out a mouthful of turbid gas, lyu3 bu4 will be these ideas out of my mind, he knows, he really want to do so, it's like the original lombardi, missed the opportunity!Chapter Three EscapePang Tongshun, depressed shut up, well, I don't say is, you two these messy things, I just don't bother.云浮一中校花|




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