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胆僣ありす|寄忽匳嶄課勞皮伍The previous generation started from scratch, all the way out, brave, forge ahead, but also often easy to ignore a lot of things, such as the family.At the same time, on both sides of the street above the civilian houses, suddenly more than a ready to fight soldiers, a curved bow to take the arrow, indifferent looking at them."No, you're not smart." Looking at the ugly youth, lu lingqi some surprise.

At that moment, the ground suddenly shook violently, and han DE's face suddenly changed. "cavalry! ?" Then his face darkened: "there is a mole in the guards! ?""Enough, white dragon." A faint sigh, the man from the horse back turned down, although the movement is stiff, but can see, extremely skilled, backhand a pick, the arrow pouch, horn bow pick down, patted the horse's hip, face flash a touch of not give up: "go, find a good master."Xu du, cao fu.胆僣ありす|Xu du, cao fu.

胆僣ありす|"Madam is about to give birth, rather frightened, you take two teams of people to the general's house martial law, do not let people disturb the mistress." "Han DE said uneasily."Snow ~"Lv lingqi identified the direction once, helplessly looked back to the public way: "it seems to have arrived at the grassland, first look for a place to settle down, and so on snow stopped and then hurry.

"Good!" Cao cao did not think that yuan shao at this time will be out of such a move faint move, the students will force lv bu to his opposite, so, if you can attack yuan shao with lv bu, the pressure will be reduced a lot....胆僣ありす|




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