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张艺谋女儿写诗|鹤膝康贴"Hum!" Huang zhong a voice cold humph, collect up the bow and arrow, toward the close guard people a start a hand: "seize highland, close mansion door, anyone can't enter inside!"Luoyang, if say the biggest winner, I'm afraid to liu bei, after regression JingXiang table quickly with liu bei as the corps commander liu, guarding jiangxia, back the army of forty thousand troops, in addition to the majesty that the men stay in xiangyang, thirty thousand military forces guarding jiangxia table to liu bei, liu, liu bei although is still a sponsor, but also have a piece of land of foundation, have a certain autonomy."Choo-choo-choo-choo ~"

Commit suicide?A loud noise, of coppage axe, lyu3 bu4 transfer painting ji in the hands of a party day, gun down the chop to's hands,'s frightened, hurriedly hands that gun, backhand pulled up the waist sword to lu bu, coppage, xu chu also recovered, at the moment and wave weapon to lu bu, and tabled high and Sui yuan into also arrived at this time, high tabled a spear into the lyu3 bu4 chest, Sui yuan into conveniently also lyu3 bu4 retreat to block a gun."The general said zhang yan generals defected lyu3 bu4, for lyu3 bu4 far more important than to my Lord and cao cao, but the general ignore, or avoid, that is, lyu3 bu4 need is the million army in Montenegro, but zhang yan general commander Montenegro army for many years, how the prestige, lyu3 bu4 how can secure in general zhang?"张艺谋女儿写诗|"Huh?" < / p > < p > lu bu heard zhou cang's anger is approaching, a xuan, stand up, with lu lingqi and zhaoyun came to the door, but see zhou cang and a few hussars riding guard is surrounded by an old way, but in the fight, the scene is some confusion, there are a group of hussars riding guard a face of evil looking at the old way.

张艺谋女儿写诗|"In the winter of the second year of jian 'an, there was a beautiful woman in wei-cheng district. Li fu, who was obsessed with beauty, came to ask for help but was rejected by wei's family. In his anger, he detained her for the crime of losing morality."What happened to yuan shang and yuan tan?" Jia xu asked for lost jiang."Rumble ~"

"Come on." Zhaoyun nodded, with lv lingqi, because of the beginning of the illness, two people did not ride horses, on the street leisurely walking, enjoy jingzhou local conditions."I am an hussar under the command of a general. I am a commander in the command of a commander. Xiong kuo hai, bearing his bronze cudgels, stopped fighting and began to command the army to take in the prisoners."Alas ~" left ci see lv bu so determined, can only slightly a sigh, groped for a moment from the arms, took out a bamboo paper, hand a drag, in the eyes of everyone surprised, the bamboo paper floating to lv bu.张艺谋女儿写诗|




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