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58同城 上市国检特供酒A quarter of an hour later, is preparing to close YuanMen he cadre soldiers suddenly felt the ground unprovoked tremor, startled looked up, but saw the distant hills, suddenly fight out a tiger cavalry, a piece of black with a pentium momentum toward this side.Take a deep breath, country wry smile way: "After this world war, xianbei chaos, internal strife will continue, I'm afraid no one in the world dare to call him three surname slaves, master in the future, will also be a major enemy!"But how? Lyu3 bu4 now not too good way, falling in grant, zhang he combination is not so easy to deal with, zhang he is unlikely to run to fight with him, and lyu3 bu4 status, also not suitable for the front fight will, that is a way of self-surrender identity.

Five years after the founding of the People's Republic of China, For the Central Plains, It's definitely not a good year, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were in Guandu, Confronted for nearly half a year, from the time the snow has not yet melted, both sides in the guandu area, the fight for the start of a desperate struggle, all kinds of means, heap earth put arrows, dig tunnels, the battlefield can be used to the east method, or even forced to improve the catapult, out of a thunderbolt car."Hmm?" Chen xing zheng slightly, wake up, then at the moment, on both sides of the wall, suddenly appeared a large number of jun, armed with crossbow arrow, a random shot at Chen xing's forces."Yes!" The knight took a breath and let himself breathe less violently. "We found signs of Temuzhen near the Kifu tribe, but …" he said.58同城 上市"Meng Qi general, it is not only about the success or failure of our army, but also about the safety of the tetrarch, don't play!" Giffin frown way.

58同城 上市"Zhang embroidery." Lyu3 bu4 finally looked at zhang embroidery way: "This time you will come to sit behind the town, help the waves to allocate hay, do not make a lack of!""Master rest assured, Xu is not ungrateful." Giffin smiled and shook his head. "Just look at General Xiong's injuries," he said. "I'd better send him back to Linrong as soon as possible for a period of time."

This matter, is only a small matter, but there are a lot of big things are raised from the small things."Roar ~" a title of generals in ancient times self-knowledge will die, immediately roar 1, also ignore those stabbed knife and gun sword ji, his face flashed a ferocious ferocious color, in the hands of the sword to sweep around with all his might."Here!"58同城 上市




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