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张茜个人资料|考焊工证要多少钱Will jiangdong send troops at this time?"Well." Guan yu nodded, but when in the heart silently sighed, as a result, the han that bit of majesty is completely not only, and hence liu2 bei4 also will offer the emperor as a puppet, but inside, there is no resistance to guan yu, the world has been so, offer the emperor is not a small baby can run, for liu bei quashed the worldwide in the future, the majesty of nature can restore the big fellow."It's no use." Pang tong shook his head and looked at deng xian. "the land is changed. What do you think zhang ren would do?"

But although fell, that wants to compete with the central plains general the idea of a lower or higher position did not fade subsequently however, after all, no matter what kind of reason, the reputation of the surrender general is not good after all, especially zhang fei that arrogant maniac day after day swaggering, yan yan needs a war to prove himself."The Lord is wise." Jia xu held out his hand and said, "it's just on the songshan mountain. Cao cao has sent some excellent soldiers to guard it. He wants to regain the seal of the king. "Wei yan frowned, the law is right, some too much?张茜个人资料|At ZhuoYang swaney deeply, there is no opposition, he was seen, the pang tong accidental, but do enough preparation for the military people, I'm afraid more than one person has ZhuoYang was bought, he didn't want to stop, also unable to stop, drew his didn't like, this is the idea of people in the heart at the moment, now that you've decided against milan, to milan's insatiable now, under pressure, even if now let the people, but also not second guessed, the hearts of the people are no longer willing to fight for milan, more those who persecuted by the milan family members, but also saw it as foes, plus pang tong among this people, I do not know how many people arranged, under the joint efforts of these people, no matter what pang tong now do decision, I am afraid will become a general trend, if deng xian at the moment to stop, I am afraid may not be able to do.

张茜个人资料|"That's just by the way." Pang tong shook his head and said, "there are many men in our army in langzhong camp.""Well!" Two soldiers yiyan two captured scouts released.The others were all on the alert, following the direction the soldier pointed out, and all of them looked at the river, but saw a big ship floating in this direction, but strangely, there was no one on the ship, as if it were an empty ship, floating on the river.

'on your knees! Two scouts overwhelmed the captive in front of wei yan.Zhuge liang to zhou yu people around but touched bottom, the lv meng is not hand-picked, but zhou yu's ability is not outstanding at the beginning, but with zhou yu's side for many years, but learned a lot of skill, if before, lv meng was a minor worry, that today, lv meng even if not equal to zhou yu, but also to compare present any a star, of course, this is not the various ge is bright really worry about."Wait and see." Pang tong smiled and said, "but I don't know where zhang ren is now."张茜个人资料|




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