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幽伏さくら|署叟宗非界宥宴什漬"What are you mad about? ?" Magnificent sea depressed a stick swing to open ma chao's long gun, jumped out of the war group, angry at ma chao.Liu bei was stunned and fell silent. He was nearly half a hundred years old, but still had no place to stand on. That feeling was more real to him than to guan yu."We are in guangping. We will arrive in a few days." Jiang embarrassing way.

The magnificent sea secretly dumped the arm that sends ache, smell speech unwilling to show weakness way: "good, as long as you zhang sunspot dare to come, I dozen you"Hum!" Zhang fei ruthlessly stared at the magnificent sea, le turn horse head, with guan ping and gathered troops, toward meng jin recede.Although unwilling, but if lost meng jin, CAI MAO broke the retreat, eighty thousand troops vanish into thin air, let him go back to liu biao account, the heart is not willing, today this deficit can only recognize.As xu sheng shouted, only two muffled sounds were heard. Two huge arrows, like long guns, burst out of the air and roared at zhang fei.幽伏さくら|Chapter 92 fighting two great battles

幽伏さくら|"You're welcome." Pang tong hurriedly took back his bowl and ran away from zhou cang. What's the joke? He just stood here and couldn't stand it.Yi ji smiled and said, "the duke of xuande is not disrespectful to his personal love and is honest and honest. I admire him.""Well!" Sound Mao Jiehong brought away.

"Not now." Feng ji shook his head and said, "if I leave, the military morale of yecheng will surely be greatly scattered. If yuan shang is defeated, even if the childe has qingzhou, he will have to face lu bu and cao cao's attack at the same time. Can the childe be sure?""Is wrong, and keep the camp of the people have changed, the Lord has probably not d in the camp, seibel side I'm afraid I have insight into my heart to you, it about three days, is what kind of Ann, way down our momentum, and also to take this opportunity to secretly move military forces, super horse cavalry now I'm afraid I have ambush in the dark, to spy out our actual situation, only a little tact, our army to attack will be to take advantage of weakness." Kuai yue looked around, into the eyes of the place is full of a piece of wilderness, here is originally cavalry camp, very open on all sides.Now, lv bu is taking advantage of cleaning up these families at the same time, take back the hands of their possession of a large number of land, and then distributed to the people, the people do not have to rely on the family to earn a living, is equal to from the root of the family control of the people.幽伏さくら|




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