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国企改革概念股龙头美国高菲特多少钱"Well... let me see." General Lee's name is Li Hun, When it comes to qualifications, Just like Zhang Ren, Is liu yan era is an official general, but his family know their own affairs, with Zhang Renbi, he didn't have the ability, but ma said to his heart, originally, if it is Zhang Ren, Deng Xian, ling bract, it doesn't matter, three people are shu famous general, ability is not bad, prestige in the army is not small, can persuade people, but what is Wang Shuang? As soon as he arrived, he became his immediate supervisor. It would be deceptive to say that he was comfortable with the arrangement, but now that the situation is over, what can he do with his health?Helplessly shook his head, turned his head to arrange his elite preparation, although zhang ren to deal with zhang fei, tomorrow, but he brought the guanzhong elite will not be idle, to attack from the flanks, to avoid the other side of the rattan shield.Without too much hesitation, his horses have begun to meet zhang fei, in the hands of the sword dragged on the ground, a sharp momentum came into being.

"Here!" With guan yu commanded, horn sounded, the wall is bloody fighting jingzhou soldiers heard although don't know what happened, or quickly retreated from the wall, to the west."You are as smart and talented as Zhao Kuo. Unfortunately, I have studied your data. I have been Zhuge Liang's adviser since I started my career. I have never made up my mind about anything. That's why I think I can do everything.""What shall we do then?" Zhang fei looked blankly at zhuge liang.国企改革概念股龙头A group of jiangdong soldiers also like the duck was strangled neck general speechless, before called ferocious, but at the moment guan yu so generous opened YuanMen, they suddenly found no recruit.

国企改革概念股龙头"General, this..." A few lieutenants on the wall to see the real, this small-scale collision met shooting sound camp so elite, narrow area instead to provide convenience to each other, so on, the trench instead became the other side's cover, ChengTou archers are also difficult to hide in the trench of these guanzhong elite."Kill ~" front row of jingzhou soldiers quickly raised rattan shield, toward wei camp to kill."Ah?" A group of generals smell speech can not help some hair, puzzled look to zhuge liang, the situation is a good, how to withdraw troops suddenly?

In the dull sound, with the flying dust dispersed, appeared in the line of sight, but a few shields together, flying arrow cluster did not cause any harm."Pick up the crossbow and shoot!"Many tired soldiers regardless of the stench, a buttocks sitting on the ground, gasping for breath, across the wall, full of corpses radiate spread to the distance, farther away, is guan yu's camp.国企改革概念股龙头




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