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衡天网舒丽美片"But...""Master, what happened?" County government, male broad sea, zhou cang rushed in with a group of bodyguards, stare around, didn't find half a figure, puzzled look at lyu3 bu4.Xu togeher is YuanMen secretly depressed, originally thought will be courteous, who knows is this scene, especially around the foot soldiers cast eyes, let always good face xu togeher is ugly, is about to leave, suddenly heard the noise, heard cao cao that familiar voice from afar.

"They killed the leader. Kill him!" A few QinBing instant red eyes, Kirby can usually stay under very thick, also have to subordinate soldiers love, now see their own leader was killed in front of his eyes, red-eyed QinBing which tube you are what tribal leaders, directly picked up weapons toward TaBaJi powder and Murong GUI kill."Save the Black Wolf tribe first." Stephen quickly made a choice, save must be saved, the Black Wolf tribe closer to here."Here!" Jiang Ji promised to 1, go to command.衡天网Kifu goyang heard the sound of bone fragmentation on his back, lying on the ground, his eyes suddenly wide open, his hands open, lying on the ground, trying to look up, trying to say something, but could not make a sound, his lungs have been trampled.

衡天网Zhang Gu Wenyan, brain exploded, until now, where he still don't understand his plan has been the shameless little man leaked to lyu3 bu4."Why are you laughing, strategist?" D and pound came in from outside the door, see giffin sneer at, can't help wondering.In this case, Jiang xu see very clearly, the ginger family and even the whole harmony cool all the big family, don't have the strength to resist lyu3 bu4, if the tough want to wrestle with lyu3 bu4, that's just boring, wait for the Attorney General to come to the door in the future, lyu3 bu4 to move the knife will get the support of all the people, not only the family hit hard, even will be scolded.

"Yes, your excellency, not long ago Zhang Gu came to the dining room, ordered me in the adult and all the soldiers in the food and drink, poison!" Fei San said that finish, carefully looked at lyu3 bu4.Champion Hou, Without an actual fiefdom, But in the han dynasty, the marquis for four hundred years, only one seal, that is huo qubing, the god of war of the big fellow, weak crown year, north is the huns, named Wolf JuXu, with this merit, this is not only a knight, but a symbol of honor, as the han dynasty for four hundred years, the first merit to catch up with huo qubing, lyu3 bu4 is indeed entitled to this honor.Wei yan a broadsword, crazy dance in the army, the place, like the autumn wind swept away leaves, will jun kill seven hundred and eighty, coss is with military forces in wei yan army rampage, two general found each other's fierce at the same time, almost coincidentally rushed to each other.衡天网





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