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羊仙真身搜网站But such voices, Under lyu3 bu4 is very little, with lyu3 bu4 prestige, for many people in the guanzhong, even only know lyu3 bu4 but don't know who is right now, lyu3 bu4 seal king, in the eyes of the people is not a big deal, even feel some late, with lyu3 bu4 now status and occupied territory, let alone the king, proclaimed himself emperor can be.The meeting in such an embarrassing atmosphere, disagreeable, cao cao with at, xun yu and zhong yao and others returned to SiKongFu."General, master let you bring people into the city, encircling and suppressing the guanzhong military forces!" The servant bowed down.

"Oh?" Liu2 bei4 eyes flashed a touch of joy, shu news has not yet come, there is good news?"Withdraw!" After Zhang Fei personally broke off, the commanders kept retreating. Pointing to Wei Yan, Zhang Fei snapped, "Not today. I'll fight you again in the future."But these two people are now hostile, guan yu is not good to two people, just said two words, then no longer say more.羊仙真身"But three thousand people, guanzhong fierce, but is also strong bow crossbow, as long as close to the body, the strong bow crossbow again fierce what's the use?" Ma shook his head and sneered.

羊仙真身"General, east city camp commander wu jin to see." Just as Cheng Fang was about to fall asleep, a close guard suddenly came in and gave Cheng Fang his hand."It's less than two months since I won the throne. I'm afraid it's a bit of a stretch." Giffin shook his head.Tracing the cause on horseback, As he look along that road, but in my heart I couldn 't help sighing, Early he had mentioned with lv meng, jiangxia, don't have to rush, can be firm and clear, led liu bei to attack, rely on the city to consume liu bei forces, but unfortunately, lv meng revenge, don't listen to people, coupled with being washed away by victory, despise the enemy rashly, eventually led to wood mulberry elite, guan yu break jiangdong, otherwise why?

"Hey, that's hard to say, kongming is usually a modest gentleman style, but not corrupt, if necessary, he can do it." Pang tong shook his head and laughed, to say here most know zhuge liang, I'm afraid it's him, that guy can belly black malicious, although two people also enemy also friend, but this time, as long as there is a chance, zhuge liang absolutely don't mind die of Yin himself."Damn it, I'll stop him!" Tardif scold 1, brought up the halberd to meet guan yu.A knife cut Xie Yun, Wang Shuang twisted his head, looked around a face of shu army, harsh voice drink a way.羊仙真身





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