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办公室制服系列第二部|炒股指期货"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!"Just to the next morning, guan yu there is still not slow to start the day's day-to-day, still no offensive meaning.And Sun Quan saw Jiang Xia, After taking a firm foothold, While jingzhou because of internal emptiness, step by step press, although tracing the cause has advised sun quan to close, just jiangdong people a main battle, lv meng is across the han river, step by step press, jiangdong people high spirits, finally, after weighing the sun quan, decided to break jingzhou first, and invited lyu3 bu4 to send troops ique guan, contain guan yu's nanyang military forces.

Ma smell speech, can't help but frown slightly, this is contrary to his plan, no doubt, but wu into their two troops failed to arrive, ma shaken confidence at the moment, smell speech can not help nodding: "In that case, it is not too late, life Xie Yun, li hun two generals led the army around the guanzhong military forces, I immediately set out, catch lu zheng.""What?" Guan Yu lay silkworm eyebrow a pick, east of the city can be his elite, most of the forces are concentrated there, how can easily give up, the next tune horse head, rapped out: "All the soldiers with me to save the trapped brother!"Depressed hum 1, huge force directly tardif shot down, huang zhong has rushed to the front, put down the bow, picked up the broadsword from the horse, to jiangdong soldiers is a chopping.办公室制服系列第二部|"Tracing the cause?" Guan Yu smell speech can not help laughing: "It seems that there is no one in Jiangdong, unexpectedly sent this yellow mouth children led the troops, don't worry, just stick to the city, after my accomplishment, then to break the Jiangdong military forces, straight to the construction industry!"

办公室制服系列第二部|"Don't worry, the army into the city, you need two people to make, not one, if general lee didn't promise, how can I come here?" Xie Cheng said this in the heart actually have no bottom line, because ma to say drop li muddy, has not yet come to a conclusion, this matter is really uncertain, but now that the words have been exported, also can only stiffen the scalp to say it."Still to fight?" He Qiwen speech, can't help but startled to tardif, just now but even weapons were lost, then war, maybe life will not protect.Chapter one hundred and seventeen killed

"Wu Chin?" Cheng Fang frowned. "What's he doing here so late?"Zhuge Liang entered Shu to open up a rear area for Liu Bei, not to drag him to his death.Wu jin panic at lu zheng, this is really a ten-year-old child?办公室制服系列第二部|




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