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皇城里惹不起的车|易立宝正元胶囊"Send for the council!" < / p > < p > cao cao looked at guo jia's back to leave, set the mind, orders came from the general discussion."This...... There was some misunderstanding." Liu bei forced a smile."The male general is the first general under the Lord, can get the male general praise, the small general ability is not weak." Gao shun smiled and nodded, looking at the magnificent sea road: "you want to take him back?"

"What did you say? Xu chu's eyes were red, staring at xu you like a tiger.Jia xu life madai several times out of the city to test, also was played back, and even almost more xi seized the gate, after several unsuccessful, lv bu had to temporarily retreat, thinking of countermeasures.Wrong! Mother, this time really wrong!皇城里惹不起的车|"Your excellency laughed and said," this man is only a pariah. If I were to resign from office and become a scholar, how could I know him?" Li fu looked at li ping, disdain way.

皇城里惹不起的车|Less than a month's time, yuan tan in qingzhou brought together twenty thousand troops, is also set thirty thousand army with cao cao yuan cemented, let cao cao also can not help but envy of thick, Yuan Jia financial hit several times of thick, can still gathered fifty thousand troops in such a short time, if lombardi die, I want to devour in hebei is not an easy thing.The village wall at my feet made a decaying creaking sound from time to time in the wind, which seemed to be likely to be blown down at any time. Under the village wall, lying here and there, were numerous black thieves, all of whom had been summoned by guan hai's prestige and lv bu's name behind him."The general granted the title of Wolf guxu, brave crown the world, what virtue and what ability, dare to fight with the general, the situation is forced, today, to solve the grievances. Cao cao laughed.

"Left and right wings closed, the Chinese archers suppress the enemy camp bolt, the front charge!" Hanyoung said, sneer at 1, continue to command the enemy soldiers compression range, don't let the pound cavalry charge up opportunities, although cavalry, but don't think that in the plains, will be able to refrain from infantry, cavalry hanyoung also during the period of emperor xiao ren has led the troops to the huns, xianbei, wu huan of all ethnic groups, such as for cavalry fighting lessons to the chest, more know how to restrain cavalry.Not really as cao cao Ming gravamen, both sides is belong to hostile, this is normal, each other really disappoint on match, or the yuan's eyesight, he shouldn't be on the dragging this time, see can hit lu bu, but living because of fear of cao cao gave up this opportunity, after the war, the two sides of the crack has been widening, if not a short period of time to eliminate lyu3 bu4, spent the jizhou "will be divided."General." Aimless patrol in the camp, the icy wind mixed with snow fell on the face, many soldiers have been frozen to see the high dry, hurriedly salute.皇城里惹不起的车|




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