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在线教育概念股fr e740 7.5k chtAlthough this words listen some unreasonable, but the bottom of my heart is involuntary gives birth to a warm, tracing the cause and gu shao glances, shake head a way: "uncle, I this time to come, with priority, I master in jiangdong day and look forward to news, not delay, or give priority to with business, save uncle arrangement as soon as possible I met with the champion."Shook his head, lyu3 bu4 dressed themselves, now in the luoyang after more than two months time, basically stable, more and more population or from hedong, Hanoi and other places, there are many follow from changan, after all, who knows, lyu3 bu4 moved to luoyang, luoyang is almost certainly to the prosperous in the future, although here near the front, but there are lyu3 bu4 here, no one think of luoyang will be rent asunder, and quite a few people from the south and even zhuge liang was a peaceful solution to the problem of jingzhou almost, but under the clouds of war, people are more willing to still have a lot of jingzhou north to seek safe.Then zheng xuan slowly closed his eyes and passed away.

Unfortunately, the plan was never able to catch up with the change. Originally, lu bu had conquered southern hebei, but it did not have a great impact on liu bei."My Lord! No!" < / p > < p > responsible for the general escaped back to a life, came to xiahou yuan side, bitter road.< / p > < p > the main will be missing, deputy out of the city to meet, was directly cut down, guanzhong officers and men although there are many, but at the moment which also< / p > < p > heart war, many people directly kneel down to surrender, there is also the beginning of the escape, wei yan ordered people to keep the gate, quickly occupied the city wall, at the same time to send a signal to pang tong.在线教育概念股Liu Xie face flashed a look of humiliation, cored with cao cao 勥 once, but to see cao cao, momentum increasingly sharp, a jade in the heart, acerbity track: "you a male, I today tired, away."

在线教育概念股Finally, the eyes could not help but look at a lu xun and gu shao."I take orders!" Xun you bowed and nodded."Yes, there's no evidence of it, but it's the right thing to do as a householder, but you don't see it." "She sighed, shaking her head.

"Hey ~" zhang eight snake spear gently pick, only listen to a jingling sound, the heavy gun shadow dissipated, long gun spinning son inverted fly out, then the hand shake, CAI MAO so helplessly watching the snake spear from his closer and closer, with the impact of the horse, fierce hole through his chest."There is no need to worry, general. Now our army only needs to make sure that the way forward is continuous, so that we can remain invincible. Pei ang bowed.在线教育概念股




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