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250qq c om情艺中心|鼻博士价格Such words and actions, for the chiefs of the two tribes, in fact, has been with a certain insult and despise, important things in the past, two people will not give up easily, but now, in the face of lyu3 bu4, two people did not contradict what, after a glance at each other, with their own close guard."Master wait!" Trial with smell speech hurriedly came forward: "Although the note is suspected of desecrating the morale of the army, but he just discord with me and other political views, and no other intention, is still one-hearted to give priority to the public, master so kill note, who dare to give priority to the public in the future?"

"Oh!?" Daxi stood up excitedly and looked at Han Sui. "Sir," he said, "do you think you should send troops at this time?"Even if there had been speculation, but now confirmed, step root is still some incredible pumping a breath of air, the side of the pro-health commander is not believe: "He only took five hundred people, the Qifu tribe is twenty thousand people's big tribe!"250qq c om情艺中心|"Who is it!?" All smell speech, can not help but great anger, step root generous righteousness, usually in the king's court has a very high prestige, at the moment hear step root of the death of another secret, is likely to be Yin death, can not help but feel indignant.

250qq c om情艺中心|In addition to the first day into the king's court, lyu3 bu4 this is the second time to step into the king's tent, and did not see Kui Tou, but under the leadership of the maid, directly into the rear of the king's tent.The sable cicada, Addis, seibel, zhang liao, Chen Gong and blanc, these are the people he had just crossed over, has been following himself to the present, the in the mind, is really will these people as their closest person, has become a part of life."Adult don't know, I and Cui E private meeting, had heard Cui E mentioned, the satrap house, there is a secret road, can go straight to the outside of the city..."

Step root defeat, also represents the five tribes officially turned against the king's court, the next morning, Kirby can let a few surrendered soldiers will step root's body back to the king's court, of course, this is not out of good intentions, but to further blow the king's morale.Not just because of the problems Randall might have exposed, More importantly, The split was his proposal and final decision, At that time vowed to defeat temuzhen, but in the end, the direction of development and his original said the opposite, not only failed to ambush success, but damaged half of the military forces, ke sin, to jin two big tribes have no hope, I'm afraid the king of this time has begun to send someone to receive.Stupid!250qq c om情艺中心|




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